Exegesis on Romans 2:14-15

Exegesis on Romans 2:14-15

A purely theological endeavour; the attachment expounds on a highly significant passage currently controversial in the nursery rooms of theological academia. I dispute that the Scriptures teach that humanity was given an innate knowledge of the contents of any form of Law of God. Certainly history and sociology would find that thesis contrary to artifacts. I think the reason is because that Scriptures doesn’t teach it. The sophistry of some and misunderstanding of others believes this assumption whose roots go back to the Greek Stoics, Cicero (De Legibus – On the Laws –  51 B.C.) and resonates in natural man’s concept of spirituality.

Although admitting that we might not understand the Truth of God, because of our limitations, prejudices and the sinful nature, I have found considerable confirmation of Scriptural truth with objective realities external to Scriptures. Modern Evangelicalism seems to lack that confidence (“I wrote for them the many things of my law, but they regarded them as something alien.” Hosea 8:12)

Other arguments made are that Romans 2:14-15 does not refer to converted Gentiles, before or after Christ. The primary purpose of the passage is to anticipate Universalism (i.e Rob Bell – “Love Wins”) by showing how God judges those who have never heard of the Law or Gospel. You will find that I disagree with the argument of imputed guilt for sin from Adam. It is unjust, not only by standards of human justice. Even the Scriptures, including the Mosaic Law, finds it unjust. However, this theme is not well unpacked. We are sinners, not because of guilt, but because we inherit the sin principle and nature from our ancestors.

Exegesis on Romans 2:14-15

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