Ramifications of the 2012 U.S. Federal Election: The Collapse of Honourable Journalism

Skepticism toward the possibility of impartial and objective truth within the ‘journalistic’ professions decades ago has denigrated toward the collapse of all pretense of impartiality. In choice of stories published, in facts selected, in language deployed; the News has become merely prejudicial opinion. The conscientious pursuer of truth about objective reality must distrust all socially popular organs of news and piece together the current state of affairs like a forensic scientist.

Consequently, one of the social roles of the media, as an independent check against power, becomes discredited and denigrated. The different media organizations become viewed, merely as cheerleaders for their respective sociopolitical faction. With one source of potential credible opposition discrediting itself, would-be tyrants have one less burden on their quest for power.

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