And All the Children Are Insane

This is an individual who should resign today. Today. He cannot run the city. He’s lost the control of the police department and the respect.

Just when one thinks that the liberal and progressive faction in America has plumbed new depths of irrational absurdity; in true competitive American spirit, the conservative faction must match lunacy with lunacy.

Bill O’Reilly of Fox News recently pontificated that since the current Democratic mayor of New York City has lost the support and respect of its police department, he should resign. Apparently, the approximately 1 million voters that voted in the mayoralty election thirteen months ago by landmark proportions (73-24%) should be repudiated because “He was elected in an election in New York City that few people voted”. It represented less than a quarter of the potential electorate.

Instead, those democratic results should be subject to a veto pen of the 35,000 members of the NYPD; that Praetorian Guard of Gotham City.

This raises a legitimate question about the reliability of public opinion polls in a nation saturated and reliant on them. Polls, which survey a fraction of 1% of the populace, generally claim to be within a 3-4% variance of the actual reflection of the general will, 19 times out of 20. If the overturning of a roughly 50 point margin can be seen as possible, if not probable, had only the other 75% of New Yorkers voted; how reliable are any of these lesser reflections of the general will?

One might hope that this rhetorical brainfart might be consequence of his time of the month; except that the science does not grant us such excuse. Or that his script was drafted in the midst of a heavier bout of the sauce or smoke than usual. Or that this dissembling gab exploits a profundity of factual ignorance and lack of common sense of his audience.

However, O’Reilly is one of the leading demagogues of the conservative faction; these latter, who make sole claim to championing the Constitutional heritage of free civic institutions and civilian control of government. What must be the true state of mind of those who promote as one of their major spokesmen, a person who calls for, in effect, governance by military and quasi-military juntas? And how can the conservative faction impugn Thomas Friedman for his admiration of Chinese autocracy, when their own kind are advocating much the same?