The Inevitable Self-Contradiction of Charlie Hadbo

Nothing is sacred. Not even your own mother, not the Jewish martyrs, not even people starving of hunger. Laugh at everything, ferociously, bitterly, to exorcise the old monsters.

One knew that it was going to happen; but not this quickly. This motto of Charlie Hadbo has taken a deliciously ironic if macabre twist.

Patrick Charbonnier, an 80 year old founder of Charlie Hadbo, excoriated its slain editor for jeopardizing the staff of that magazine by excessive forays into

I really hold it against you…What made him feel the need to drag the team into overdoing it,” he writes in the Left-leaning magazine Nouvel Obs.

Richard Malka, lawyer for the Charlie Hadbo magazine, complains about Patrick Charbonnier criticism of the slain editor:

Charb has not yet even been buried and Obs finds nothing better to do that to publish a polemical and venomous piece on him. My disappointment is immense.

I wonder if they get the irony. If Charlie and its supporters are true believers in the purported principles of that magazine, than the polemical and venomous piece on these corpses of Charlie Hadbo is quite consistent with its principles.

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