A Coming Persecution and Aliyah of Jews from America

I have long expected that there would come a day when Americans would turn on their own Jews. Eschatological prophecy certainly plays a minor and generic part in this premonition (e.g. Isaiah 11:11–14). However, the basis, upon which my expectation is founded, is that of a repeated historical pattern; although this too derives from scriptural prophecy.

And the Lord will scatter you among all peoples, from one end of the earth to the other, and there you shall serve other gods of wood and stone, which neither you nor your fathers have known. And among these nations you shall find no respite, and there shall be no resting place for the sole of your foot, but the Lord will give you there a trembling heart and failing eyes and a languishing soul. Your life shall hang in doubt before you. Night and day you shall be in dread and have no assurance of your life. In the morning you shall say, ‘If only it were evening!’ and at evening you shall say, ‘If only it were morning!’ because of the dread that your heart shall feel, and the sights that your eyes shall see. (Deuteronomy 28:64–67)

The history of the Diaspora (586 BC – present) shows a constantly repeated dynamic. Whenever a Jewish minority faces socioeconomic denigration, and political oppression and persecution, even expulsion, in one nation or political jurisdiction, it is often openly welcomed into the arms of another. The host country perceives advantages to be gained from these never-ending vagabonds. However, over time, those advantages become outweighed by the threats that these aliens pose upon the host population and state. The Jews have overstayed their welcome. And that host nation begins to enact oppressive and persecutorial measures. Thereby, the cycle repeats itself.

This is not to deny the Sovereignty of God. But that Sovereignty most often works through means. Some of those means are through what might be deemed “natural psychosocial laws,” in response to the uniqueness of Jewish culture and the social dynamics within Jewry. But some of those means have nothing directly to do with the Jewish minority. However, the corollary effects from those other developments become detrimental to the Jewish status within that society. And it should not be thought that the Jews are either totally innocent victims or villains in all this.

Hitherto, I have been unable to discern by what means, American Jews will come to suffer socioeconomic denigration and even oppression. However, as consequence of cultural and social developments and trends exposed in this last year, particularly through the presidential primaries, I can now perceive a clear path.

I expect that within a generation, American Jews will experience similar to that which their ancestors have experienced in goyim lands elsewhere throughout history. This may happen with breathtaking rapidity. There shall not be one major constituency along the American cultural and sociopolitical continuum who will not generally turn against them. This includes the Evangelicals, which have been amongst their most cloyingly loyal.

♦                    ♦                    ♦

This epiphany is not consequence of recent “kike baiting” by Alt Right Internet trolls. Strangely, I was oblivious to this phenomena until but five days ago. Being a “Gospel Christian”; which to my mind, means being independent, neither beholden to left nor to right; such fringe viewpoints do not naturally appear on my horizon. It is not because I will not venture out to such places because of an Evangelical prissiness. I was simply unaware.

But such trolling are merely fingers and toes manifestations of deeper spirits roaming the subterranean hearts of contemporary humanity, which do not get registered on any ADL surveys. Contrary to Ben Shapiro’s belief, (“I’m glad to grant Milo’s premise that there’s hardly any racism, sexism, homophobia and anti-Semitism in America.”); the various unapproved intolerances are merely suppressed, not eradicated. However, I am a working-class intellectual, which because of life’s circumstances, has become acquainted with both sides of the class divide, and the surprisingly wide gulf in perspectives and ethos. I have observed this subterranean ill-will personally. Furthermore, because many employers, especially American, thrash the Internet for comments by prospective employees, concerned and prudent grunts have had to practice self-censorship.

No. The light bulbs flashed magnesium bright in reaction to the collapse of Evangelicalism, long expected but made painfully evident in RNC voting patterns; and what that portends for their future support of the Jews.

Furthermore, the Trump phenomenon, the first of many American demagogues to come,  demonstrates that most of those on the right, now joining their leftist counterparts, no longer believe in their civic heritage; if indeed they are even literate about it. Consequently, America, as an idea, is now incorrigibly moribund, although it shall linger in the nostalgic hearts of an ever diminishing minority; just as republican mores lingered in the Roman Empire until Domitian (81–96 AD).

  • Then why is Fantasia dying then?
  • Because people have begun to lose their hopes and forget their dreams. So the Nothing grows stronger.
  • What is the Nothing?
  • It’s the emptiness that’s left. It is like a despair, destroying this world. And I have been trying to help it.
  • But why?
  • Because people who have no hopes are easy to control. And whoever has the control has the power!

Thereupon, the nation having lost its soul, its populace is ever given to unprincipled and directionless passions; never a safe social environment for a people who have been constant victims of lawless passions.

Finally, the death of Jurist, Antonin Scalia, has tipped the balance of power on the U.S. Supreme Court, making probable the imposition of a liberal cosmopolitan ethos and ethic against a faction of roughly equal popular strength. And on that court of 8 or 9 petit roi, there are three liberal Jews, political bowling pins of the ever progressively Progressives. In a nation, where Jews constitute but 2% of its population, this way out-of-proportion influence and power, especially in a court totally bereft of Protestants and Evangelicals, shall become a lightning rod for a counter-revolution so quick and tempestuous, prudent Jews should have their luggage already packed in precaution.

♦                    ♦                    ♦

I shall be making several blog contributions to this theme over the coming months and years, as I work on this theme in a new writing project. The purpose here is not to put a feather in my cap. There is no pleasure in foreseeing ill ends and not being able to do anything substantial to stop it. And besides, whatever understanding, I have, ultimately comes from practicably appropriating the deep mysteries found in the Scriptures and in True Christianity.

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