n a prior incarnation, (I assure you,  reincarnation is not a personal tenet) I was a self-employed IT Consultant for a few years. However, my final bout with full-blown insanity sacked that enterprise. However, through the grace and counsel of God, with a complete lack of help of modern man and his devices, including the Ecclesia, except for an obscure letter by Jonathan Edwards; I finally figured out how to overcome;

Too ‘old’ a man in a youthful industry and somewhat bored by it, I am now attempting to follow a long latent calling, with only the credentials of experiential distress or considerable rumination in the areas I write about, to commend me.

Probably too open in this self-disclosure, even for this confessional generation; I have long ago given up caring about the unseasoned opinions and criticisms of others. The hope here is not merely to advance a personal agenda, a requisite task but sawdust to my soul; but to assist any person who might be undergoing anything similar to that with which I am familiar.


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