North America the Puritanical

It is hard to imagine that people can continue claiming, even with straight face, that North Americans are sexually repressed. However, this will ever be so. Such proponents will claim that society is ‘Puritanical’, even if every individual in society maintained pet goats for amorous adventures; because we continued to draw the line at fruits and vegetables.

However, one only need go back to the Sixties, still more a living social memory than history, to compare the radical empirical differences. That era of sexual revolution and ‘free love’ was still one of comparative restraint. It still conceived and pursued Eros as beautiful, transcendent and soulful.

Nowadays, Eros has denigrated into a different four-letter word; a vulgar banality; with the avant garde endeavouring to pursue the ugliest depravities and convince the world that they are beautiful. Sexual partners are gamed, merely to proudly add to one’s sexual resume. A curious thing that! Employers would hardly be impressed by a C.V., which listed 20 or more places of employment, many of which were jobs lasting but a day.

However, these assertions of sex repressed, might not be merely the ignorant fluff of historical illiterates or disingenuous sophists. Despite all the energetic endeavours to repress their own nagging misgivings about soulless mercenary sex, arguments for sexual restraint and psychic connectedness still resonate at some level of their consciousness.

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